Technology is evolving everyday. As I outlined in my previous blog, voice activated virtual assistants (VAVA) are designed to improve the efficiency of a person's day to day tasks by being a hands-free helper. We have recently seen many examples of these in the form Google home and Alexa

The virtual assistants (VA) work just like Google search engine. Simply put, you ask your voice assistant a question like 'Give me a healthy chicken recipe' and it will search the web for the best answer for you and deliver it via voice reply within 4.6 seconds. The VA does this 56% faster than desktop or mobile searches. How does it do this? More importantly, as a business how can you appear in these searches? 

I went digging for some answers and found this amazing research done by Brian Dean on voice search ranking factors. Below is a simple summary of his thorough study. 

Optimising voice search for SEO