It all started with... How Uphorium was created!


It all started with a girl's need not have a life that is anything but ordinary. A need to put her creativity into her work and start building an extraordinary experience! 

She knew very early in her life that she wanted to help people. However, studying psychology and building a career in the industry took away from her the most important thing. Her creativity and the happiness it brought with it. So, she took a chance! She changed her whole life plan and started experiencing everything she possibly could, to find what she enjoyed.

They say you meet two types of people in your life. Some are blessings, and some are lessons. She met both and was so grateful because it led her to her destiny. Marketing! For what is Marketing? It is an art of understanding human behaviour and creatively putting forward a service/product in front of a customer who potentially needs it to enhance their life!

Some people come into your life as blessings. Others come into your life as lessons.
— Mother Teresa

She worked hard, learned as much as possible from mentors and different business leaders and created an agency called Uphorium which specialised in helping small-medium business owners put their best foot forward online. Help them creatively put their service/product on the market with the use of beautiful websites, creative marketing, and well thought out lead generation strategies. 

She aims to continue learning and in turn help more and more businesses. To work on different and exciting projects and create an empire of extraordinary leaders and work!